Below you will find answers for most common customer questions

Whole article about functionality of our cushions you can find here (CLICK HERE). 

Frequently asked questions

Which WELLB cushion is most multifunctional?

The most universal and multifunctional cushion is the Moon cushion. 

This anatomically shaped pillow supports every aspect of your relaxation: from sleeping, to sitting on the ground, to daily relaxation and naps. This buckwheat pillow is also great as a weighted, travel, feeding, leg or loin pillow.

Which cushion should I choose for sleeping?

For sleeping, we recommend the Small Buckwheat Roller made of natural fabrics from the BE NATURAL collection . By sleeping on a roller that perfectly supports the cervical spine, it will help avoid morning stiffness and neck pain. 

If, on the other hand, you have broad shoulders, choose the Moon Cushion in natural fabric, from the BE NATURAL collection. Remember that you can remove the buckwheat husk from each pillow to adjust its thickness to your needs.

Which cushion should I choose for meditation?

The Moon Cushion is a versatile meditation pillow that supports every aspect of your relaxation: from sleeping, to sitting on the ground, to formal mindfulness practice. 

The shape of the Moon Cushion perfectly supports formal sitting practice. When you sit down to meditate on the Moon Cushion, naturally your pelvis is higher and your knees lower, which allows blood to circulate freely in your groin.  

The shape of the cushion steadily supports your entire buttocks and thighs without putting pressure on the sciatic nerve that extends from the spinal cord to the buttocks and hips area, down the back of each leg. This body support for meditation prevents numbness of the limbs and allows you to focus your attention on meditation and keep your back straight comfortably. 

Here you can find a comparison of our cushions for meditation.

Which pillow is the best for yoga practice?

A large buckwheat roller , called a bolster in yoga, is perfect for yoga, pilates, relaxation and rehabilitation exercises. You can use this buckwheat roller as a yoga bolster, which is commonly used in relaxation, prenatal and Iyengar yoga, but it can be a valuable prop to support your body in your daily meditation and relaxation activities. The unique filling made of buckwheat husk allows the air to flow freely inside the pillow, thus preventing excessive sweating.

Envelope Pillow : made of polyurethane foam, which is characterized by high stiffness. This allows the pillow to be propped up against yoga cubes or a large yoga roller or the edge of the bed for a smaller torso angle. The pillow is recommended for people with little flexibility in the back, especially in the lumbar spine and in the shoulders, and for people with a wide body and shoulders. The cushion is great for yoga in positions that open the chest and for rehabilitation. 

Which cushion is the best for a person working at the desk?

Wedge Seat Cushion - as a cushion under the buttocks. 

Small Buckwheat Roller - this buckwheat roller will perfectly support your loins so as to maintain a neutral position of the spine while sitting (which prevents rounding of the back and slouching). 
The roller arranged vertically along the spine gives a pleasant support, leaving free space for tilting the arms back to prevent slouching. 

HERE you will find more informations about cushions wich will support your posture while desk work.

How can I take care for my cushion?

All the cushions have removable and washable covers. Caring instructions you can find inside the cover. 

Moon Cushion FAQs

How can I use Moon Cushion?

The Moon Cushion is our most versatile cushion filled with ecological buckwheat husk. Its shape has been carefully designed so that it hugs the human body as much as possible. The ergomnocmial shape of a crescent, perfectly wraps around or under your body.

You can use it for meditation, sleeping, yin yoga, as a nursing cushion, travel cushion, gravity cushion.

How does Moon Cushion work as a gravity cushion?

Each Moon Cushion weighs approximately 3 pounds. Adding that much weight to the body works in a way similar to what is called deep pressure therapy. Body pressure can increase the release of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter has been called the "happy" chemical because it provides a sense of calm and well-being.

The pleasant weight of the pillow, will provide you with soothing tactile stimulation.

Placing the pillow on your body gives you a hugging sensation and stimulates deep sensation - deep pressure stimulation (DPS).
According to scientific research, DPS reduces feelings of anxiety by calming the central nervous system: it helps to stabilize stress levels, increase feelings of relaxation and significantly improve sleep quality.

Placing the pleasantly heavy pillows on your body gives you the feeling of a gentle hug, which ultimately helps you relax and makes it easier to fall asleep. The deep pressure provided by the pillow causes a psychological response from the body giving a sense of security, relaxation and comfort.

The weight of the pillow is called proprioceptive stimulation, which e.g. for hyperactive children helps to reduce the level of excitation and improves concentration. For children on the autism spectrum who react hypersensitively to stimuli, it helps to calm them down.

How can I use this cushion for sleeping?

* for cuddling when sleeping on your side

* for weighting the body: chest, hips, feet 

* under the head to sleep for people with wide shoulders 

* between your legs while sleeping on the side

* to support your upper arm while sleeping on the side

Moon cushion for feeding

The Moon-shaped cushion perfectly wraps the waist of a nursing parent, while providing a stable support for the baby. The flexible buckwheat husk moves in the pillow, thanks to which its shape adapts to the shape of the child, giving it a stable support. 

Moon for reading and working

This croissant-shaped pillow with buckwheat filling perfectly hugs the hips, giving a pleasant weight to the body and at the same time acting as a support for a book or a laptop. 

Why Moon Cushion is good for meditation?

The Crescent Moon Pillow is the perfect support for the buttocks and thighs in sedentary meditation practice. Its wedge-shaped shape positions your body so that your hips are higher than your knees, preventing blood circulation from being blocked. 

The crescent shape, unlike standard round meditation cushions, supports your entire thighs. The usual round pillows support the buttocks halfway, putting pressure on the sciatica, which often causes numbness in the leg. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the croissant-shaped pillow, you can sit comfortably and focus on your practice.