The Crescent Moon Pillow is the perfect support for the buttocks and thighs in a sitted meditation practice. Its wedge-shaped shape positions your body so that your hips are higher than your knees, preventing blood circulation from being blocked. 

The crescent shape, unlike standard round meditation cushions, supports your entire thighs. The usual round pillows support the buttocks halfway, putting pressure on the sciatica, which often causes numbness in the leg. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the croissant-shaped pillow, you can sit comfortably and focus on your practice. 

Wedge-shaped seat Cushion

The wedge-shaped seat cushion with buckwheat hull filling is an orthopedic seat cushion. Its wedge shape ensures proper alignment of the pelvis which affects the entire body posture while sitting.

Its elastic filling with buckwheat hull allows the cushion to adjust to the buttocks, which is important for people suffering from various diseases that make it difficult to sit comfortably.


You can use this cushion as a meditation cushion if you prefer lower cushions for sitted meditation practice.


If you are a beginner / tall (approx. 1.9-2.0 m high) / not stretched, this pillow will be perfect for meditation. When you place the pillow horizontally, it gives you the right height to keep your hips higher than your knees if you sit in the lotus position. 

You can also place a roller between your legs while sitting down in a Japanese sit-down, which will give you a stable support for formal meditation practice. 

Woman in a yoga outfit meditationg in a sitting posture on a lakeside