Cushions that help you maintain well-being in everyday life. Designed in cooperation with physical therapist

Woman smiling in a bad on a yoga bolster in a restorative yoga pose. Round yoga bolster with natural filling - adjustable buckwheat hull

Designed down to the last detail, multifunctional cushions that support your well-being

A WELLB cushion is not your ordinary cushion.

Their ergonomic shape and functionality, developed in cooperation with physical therapists were embedded in a classic and elegant look.

We believe that good design is functional, so we created them to support your everyday activities, such as reading, sitting, sleeping, and simply relaxing.

Smiling beautiful blond woman at a home office sitting on a natural seat pillow filled with organic buckwheat husk

What cushion is right for you?

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If you are looking for the most versatile cushion, you will love the Moon Cushion.

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Perfect cushion for sitting meditation


A breastfeeding and nursing cushion recommended by a midwife


Cushions that support your everyday life


Ergonomic cushions designed with physical therapists
Smiling beautiful blond woman at a home office sitting on a natural seat pillow filled with organic buckwheat husk


Beautiful and classy yoga bolsters
JacekCustomer - physiotherapist

Moon pillow is a great patent for a good night's sleep and not only, it is important to compress the pillow a little or sprinkle some buckwheat, then you can adjust the height of the pillow to your needs. I recommend!!! This is my third purchase, and I will recommend it to my patients, by the way, I learned about the company from my patient and bought for testing the first moon pillow, and the third for the office.


I am very pleased with the purchase of the eye pillow and the moon. Both products accompany me every day and I practically do not part with them. They improve the comfort of everyday life and remind me of a moment of relaxation :). The moon adapts perfectly to my body in various configurations, while the eye pillow smells wonderful and helps me in calming down or meditation.


Both pillows met my expectations 100%, everything was as described, and the transaction itself went smoothly. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!


On Friday morning I received the cushions (on the second day after placing the order) and all weekend I was testing them intensively. I practically didn't part with the moon, and yoga with the big roller is pure pleasure! The quality is phenomenal, everything is beautifully finished, and the material is perfect for cuddling. I'm thrilled :) thank you so much for such wonderful, unprecedented service and wonderful pillows lately. I hope that WELLB will conquer as many hearts as possible and I wish you every success! :)