How to support your body while sitting in order to obtain healthy posture?

Wedge-shaped seat Cushion

The wedge-shaped seat cushion with buckwheat hull filling is an orthopedic seat cushion. Its wedge shape ensures proper alignment of the pelvis which affects the entire body posture while sitting.

Its elastic filling with buckwheat hull allows the cushion to adjust to the buttocks, which is important for people suffering from various diseases that make it difficult to sit comfortably.

Smiling beautiful blond woman at a home office sitting on a natural seat pillow filled with organic buckwheat husk


The Small Buckwheat Roller can be used to support the lumbar spine by laying it across your back. With this support, your spine will be in a neutral position.

Placing the roller vertically, along your spine, this pillow will give you stable and pleasant support while leaving room for your shoulders to open. When you lean against a chair, your shoulders automatically round. If you support your back with a roller placed vertically, your shoulders will have plenty of room to move.