Functionality of WELLB cushions

Are you wondering what the WELLB pillows are for, or how you can use individual pillows? WELLB pillows are not ordinary decorative pillows. After all, they look amazing and with their appearance they satisfy the demanding aesthetic tastes of the greatest gourmets, while each of our pillows has its basic use, which is aimed at supporting your psychophysical well-being. 

Below you will find a description of our products and suggestions for their use.

Of course, the ways of using the pillows and their functionality go beyond the ideas presented below.

Only your imagination can limit the ways you use the WELLB cushions.



A woman lying on a cylinder-shaped buckwheat pillow in a child's propped up position in restorative yoga


The large buckwheat roller is an alternative to the so-called a yoga bolster that  is commonly used in relaxation yoga, prenatal yoga, and Iyengar yoga, but can be a valuable prop in any style. It is very helpful in postures related to meditation and rest. 



The Big Buckwheat Bolster is a pillow that will also work well for pilates, relaxation and rehabilitation exercises. It is the perfect pillow to support the torso in a supine position to open up the chest and balance the sitting and hunched body posture. 


A woman hugging a wellb moon pillow with a large roller


If you are single, this pillow is for you! 

If you are not single, this pillow will be the reason for your partner's fowl. 

With a large buckwheat roller you can:

  • use in bed as a body support when reading a book before going to bed,
  • rest your leg on it if you sleep on your side - this position causes your spine to be parallel to the ground, which can prevent or help with lumbar pain,
  • if you sleep on your side, you can just cuddle up to the roller. Its structure and pleasant firmness will pleasantly press against your body, giving you a hugging feeling.



If you are a beginner / tall (approx. 1.9-2.0 m high) / not stretched, this pillow will be perfect for meditation. When you place the pillow horizontally, it gives you the right height to keep your hips higher than your knees if you sit in the lotus position. 

You can also place a roller between your legs while sitting down in a Japanese sit-down, which will give you a stable support for formal meditation practice. 



In everyday activities on the sofa or on the ground, such as reading a book, sitting, lying down - this buckwheat roller provides the perfect body support. 

woman's legs are pleasantly supported and relieved by a large roller filled with buckwheat

Wedge-shaped seat Cushion

The wedge-shaped seat cushion with buckwheat hull filling is an orthopedic seat cushion. Its wedge shape ensures proper alignment of the pelvis which affects the entire body posture while sitting.

Its elastic filling with buckwheat hull allows the cushion to adjust to the buttocks, which is important for people suffering from various diseases that make it difficult to sit comfortably.


An ideal set for office work is a Wedge Seat Cushion and a Small Buckwheat Roller as a lumbar support or as a back support along the spine (Small Buckwheat Roller)


You can use this cushion also for sitting on the floor or us a meditation cushion if you prefer lower cushions for sitted meditation practice.

Smiling beautiful blond woman at a home office sitting on a natural seat pillow filled with organic buckwheat husk

Small buckwheat roller

The Small Buckwheat Roller can be used to support the lumbar spine by laying it across your back. With this support, your spine will be in a neutral position.

Placing the roller vertically, along your spine, this pillow will give you stable and pleasant support while leaving room for your shoulders to open. When you lean against a chair, your shoulders automatically round. If you support your back with a roller placed vertically, your shoulders will have plenty of room to move.


The Small Buckwheat Roller is the perfect support for the cervical spine. According to the opinions of our customers, thanks to this pillow they wake up without stiffness in the neck and without a headache. If you choose a Small Buckwheat Roller to sleep on it, choose the roller from the BE NATURAL collection, which has an outer cover made of a natural and breathable fabric. Thanks to the filling made of ecological buckwheat husk, your pillow will always be pleasantly cool. 

If, on the other hand, you have very broad shoulders and you often sleep on your side, a Moon Pillow may be a better solution for you.


You can use a small Buckwheat Roller to support the lumbar spine by placing it across your back. Thanks to this support, your spine will be in a neutral position.

Nowadays, in which we often encounter sedentary work or a sedentary lifestyle, we often assume a hunched body position, which causes flattening of the natural lordosis of the spine. By supporting the lumbar section with a Small Buckwheat Roller, we force the position in which our spine is in a neutral position for it. Importantly, such back support during office work, or activities that you perform while sitting, will not replace proper spine exercises, for which you should spend at least 10 minutes a day. 

By arranging the roller vertically along the spine, this pillow will give you a stable and pleasant support while leaving room for the shoulders to open. As you lean back against the chair, your arms automatically round off. If you support your back with a vertical roller, your arms will have plenty of room for movement.

Complementing the Small Buckwheat Roller as a support for the seat is a Wedge Seat Cushion. In our opinion, choose these pillows at the same time, or even start with a Wedge Seat Cushion if you are looking for a pillow that will primarily support this part of your life. 


The eye pillow with lavender filling mixed with linseed gives a pleasant sensual experience.

The shape of the pillow completely blocks the access of daylight or artificial light, which allows you to relax during the day, during the so-called "power nap" or tall asleep in the evening.

The original shape of the eye pillow has been designed in a completely thoughtfull way. Its pleasant weight and coolness that covers not only the surface of the eyes, but also the forehead, temples and cheekbones - by applying gentle pressure on these parts of the face, it helps to release the tensions held in these parts of the face, and thus often reduces headaches and allows you to deeply relax. 


The WELLB Envelope Pillow is an alternative to a regular yoga bolster or a cylinder-shaped pillow used for rehabilitation exercises. 


Its form has been designed so that it ideally supports the torso of a beginner exercising or a person with reduced flexibility in the spine, or a person with a broad torso. 


The Moon Pillow is our most versatile pillow filled with ecological buckwheat husk. Its shape has been carefully designed so that it hugs the human body as much as possible. 


This croissant-shaped pillow with buckwheat filling perfectly hugs the hips, giving a pleasant weight to the body and at the same time acting as a support for a book or a laptop. 


The Crescent Moon Pillow is the perfect support for the buttocks and thighs in sedentary meditation practice. Its wedge-shaped shape positions your body so that your hips are higher than your knees, preventing blood circulation from being blocked. 

The crescent shape, unlike standard round meditation cushions, supports your entire thighs. The usual round pillows support the buttocks halfway, putting pressure on the sciatica, which often causes numbness in the leg. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the croissant-shaped pillow, you can sit comfortably and focus on your practice. 


* for cuddling when sleeping on your side

* for weighting the body: chest, hips, feet 

* under the head to sleep for people with wide shoulders 

* between your legs while sleeping on the side

* to support your upper arm while sleeping on the side


The croissant-shaped pillow perfectly wraps the waist of a nursing parent, while providing a stable support for the baby.The flexible buckwheat husk moves in the pillow, thanks to which its shape adapts to the shape of the child, giving it a stable support.