Design & Origin

Out of respect and love for nature, we create designer products from natural or ecological materials. We do not want to take part in polluting nature by adding our own contribution in the form of useless or short-lived products, the waste of which has even a trace effect on the environment.

BE NATURAL is a collection of cushions made of natural linen and cotton fabrics.

eco natural fabric for interior design



BE CLASSIC is a collection of cushions made of soft and pleasant to touch polyester velour, which can be used in public places due to its durability and flame retardancy. It is a collection for the lovers of classics and practicality. The fabric has been designed in a way that ensures protection against stain penetration and makes it easy to keep the cushions in perfect condition during many years of use.

soft and high quality velour for modern design

VEGAN ECO LEATHER - In both collections, the pillows have handles made of a thick and durable cellulose fabric called vegan leather


Vegan leather made of cellulose textile